May 05
Femtocells are low-power and low-cost base stations that provide residential cellular services, providing a coverage of roughly 10 m [1]. They can integrate with mobile operator through a broadband connection, typically ADSL. In General, femtocell makes that the traffic from the home cellular system, deviates through the broadband connection, releasing the resource consumption of the macrocell. The 3GPP has introduced the concept of Closed Subscriber Group (CSG), which essentially identifies a group of subscribers who have access permission to one or more cells. Femtocells basically have three different operating modes: open access, closed access and a combination of both named…
Apr 28

What is LaTeX?

Written by Luis Sequeira
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Latex is a language for high quality editing documents, especially oriented to book composition, scientific and technical documents, that include formulas and high quality images. It consists on a set of Tex macros (one low-level language) and has become almost a standard for scientific publications in areas such as mathematics, physics and engineering, since we can have finer control over any typographical appearance of the document.
Apr 21

AES: Other attacks

Written by Luis Sequeira
It is clear that so far, none of the attacks carried out against full-AES has been successful, these attacks usually focus on reducing rounds. Many authors claim that none of the following types of attacks have been more effective than an exhaustive-key search: Linear cryptanalysis Differential Cryptanalysis Truncated diferencials Interpolation attacks Square attack However, the ordered structure and the deep mathematical basis that AES uses, make it an object of study for new attacks proposals such as algebraic attacks. These attacks consist on propose an equation system, and with the unknowns of the system, it can deduce the key; one…
Apr 14
QoS managing An important point with regard to providing QoS is to reduce signaling and interference. With this, operators can properly manage resources without such problems, in order to improve the services provided to users. In this new scenario, the traffic generated from the UE to the eNodeB is deflected by an IP network before reaching the mobile network. The transmission of a information packet over an IP network is susceptible to delays, so the femto-cell may experience problems for obtaining an immune base time to jitter. Operators should ensure the concept of QoS in femto-cells, the parameters of these…
Apr 07

How to install SPAN?

Written by Luis Sequeira
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Security Protocol Animator (SPAN) is a free tool to check cryptographic protocols that helps in searching and characterization of attacks. The main advantage of this application is that allows different verification techniques using a same protocol. We can say, it is a graphical interface for managing HLPSL (High-Level Protocol Specification Language) and CAS + (an implementation of the Protocol Central Authentication), which allows the translation between these languages ​​and also provides a friendly graphical user interface. SPAN helps to produce interactively sequences messages or MSC (Message Sequence Charts). This tool is used for simulating cryptographic protocol, allows active or passive…
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