Dec 09
In a previous article, we showed the use of some useful commands for manipulating files and directories, in this case, several commands are presented which allow us to collect certain system information. Also, we will see that displaying the content of certain files, can also be a way for giving useful information. Furthermore, the use of session managing commands will be described.
Dec 16
With so much information that comes every day around the fourth generation mobile (4G), it is very common that we like to be updated, we care about general aspects of the architecture of this new technology. Well, "System Architecture Evolution" (SAE) or also known as EPC ("Evolved Packed Core") has its development from the year 2004 until 2009, during that time many studies have been deployed which allowed to define the standards that describes the architecture of the core network. The specifications are in chronological order in the following figure:   Figura # 1: SAE evolution [1].
Nov 18
Before starting with the use of some Linux commands, I want to remind the importance of reviewing the reference manual for each command, because this is the place where you can find all the possible options. The reference manual can be displayed on a terminal using the "man" command, for example, if we see the manual of the "man" command in a terminal, we should write "man man" and we would see something like this: Figure # 1: Linux terminal displaying the manual of the man command.
Dec 02
I present you my favorite applications to capture packets on the network, although they are well known for their features, I decided to give a little space to discuss some of their features. In addition to data capture, these applications are useful for certain packets analysis with the obtained data, on the other hand, when the analysis that we need to do is a bit complex or very specific, it is always advisable to build our own scripts, but there is no doubt that no matter for what we use them, this applications will help us to obtain useful network…
Nov 11
For some time I have been using various traffic generators, and today I want to share 3 of the that I most use for their interesting features. The traffic generators are useful for injecting traffic of certain applications or network services and not have the need to run such applications, in my case I used to generate the traffic of VoIP, video streaming, video surveillance, and even to make some reverse engineering on certain commercial devices. Then I leave a short review of each of them:  
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