Mar 31
Some studies show that over 50% of voice calls and 70% of the data traffic comes from inside [1], voice calls do not require high bandwidth, but certain quality parameters are require to ensure the voice recognition of users at the other end of the communication, on the contrary, the data traffic requires high transmission rates to send information with a lot of megabytes, such as multimedia applications require, to name one example. One way to ensure high transmission rates on radio systems, is to maintain high signal quality at both ends of the communication, and hence, mitigate the effects…
Mar 24
Results presentation The way in which the research results are presented has a significant impact on readers. Also, a good way to represent the information gives a clear and easy ideas to understand. For this, we need a selection of tools that allow the reproduction of documents, photographs, graphics, and other associated items. On the other hand, there are various applications which facilitate the data processing when we need to work with research result, whether mathematical or network.
Mar 17
Linux is a multiuser and multitasking operating system, ie, multiple users can work on the system simultaneously running several tasks at once. It is therefore, very important that the operating system allows the management and control of users. Unix based systems organize all this by users and groups, where each user must be identified with a user name and password. During login, the password entered by each user, is encrypted and compared to the encrypted passwords that were previously stored in the system.
Mar 10
As we mentioned in a previous article, rounds that make up the AES algorithm can be divided into three different categories: initial rounds, standard round and final round. When encryption, the information is subjected to a different number of rounds (10, 12 and 14 respectively) in each case depending on the length of the key (128, 192 and 256 respectively). Each such round is made up of combinations of transformations, the possible transformations include: ByteSub, ShiftRow, MixColumns and AddRoundKey. Figure # 1 shows the relationship of the transformation and corresponding rounds.   Figure # 1: Distribution of the transformations in…
Mar 03
In order to perform estimations of a traffic model for multimedia flows, it is necessary for the researcher to have precise control of the test environment, minimizing errors and interference that may occur, leaving a test scenario that allows a smooth development to the application to be modeled. As an example, we have selected a VoIP traffic which is quite easy to interpret and it provides some of the things that must be done.   Scenario for testing Figure # 1 shows the diagram used for testing in order to obtain the pattern of traffic on the transmission of voice…
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