Nov 25
The Propagation of radio signals has a number of inherent problems of electromagnetic waves, of which LTE or 4G is not exempt. Aspects such as absorption, refraction, diffraction, fading, and other properties can cause serious problems of coverage, interference, and general degradation of the transmitted signal. Some of these parameters are largely unpredictable, mainly those arising from meteorological phenomena or the ground, and therefore, fewer steps may be taken in such cases. Moreover, the free space loss (FSL) is directly related to the system operating frequency and the distance between transmitter and receiver. The case of frequency is a parameter…
Nov 04
Mobile communications have had an exponential increase due to the high level of acceptance due to the need for information and access to different services from the world community, for this reason wireless devices such as PDA's, smartphones and other devices have a growth in sales, extremely high in recent years, as it is shown in Figure # 1.   Figure # 1: Amounts of mobile devices sold per year [1].
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